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Posted May 01, 2019 by: HRS

There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach when it comes to analyzing pay.  Pay systems are unique to every local government organization; and fair and equal pay laws vary by each State.  It has been almost one year since the new Pay Equity Law took effect in Massachusetts.  Pay/Classification and Equal Pay for Comparable Work-Value has been the hallmark of our consulting practice for thirty years.  It is only natural for us at HRS, a certified woman-owned-business, to expand our services to the next level of analysis for our MA clients. 

In addition to our pay and classification work which is grounded in internal equity, job analysis, job evaluation, skills, responsibilities comparisons, HRS can also provide specialized pay equity technical assistance to:

  1. Identify specific factors influencing pay;
  2. Compile data for analysis (data relevant to employee pay);
  3. Perform a variety of statistical analyses;
  4. Conduct comprehensive Pay Equity Audits;
  5. Establish tools and methods to maintain fair pay;
  6. Determine what pay adjustments are necessary to ensure pay equity;
  7. Work with local officials or a designated project team to develop strategic compensation;
  8. Conduct evaluations of pay practices and alert clients to potential inequities;
  9. Develop a comprehensive compensation administration program; and
  10. Review management processes to help minimize bias and disparity in the workplace.

Pay Equity has an affect on policies, procedures and other compliance areas too.  Pay Equity Audits can help guide the municipality to minimize risk.  We can update policies and procedures to reflect the new law; recommend methods and tools for analysis.  Finally, we can provide the necessary trainings and  technical advice. 


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