Niko Stapczynski

Niko Stapczynski

Niko Stapczynski is our Data Visualization Engineer.  He performs short-term and long-term specialized data visualization assignments, as well as interim services, for our projects and clients.  His expertise is related to computer programming, statistical analysis, data visualization, data analytics, and data science.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Criminal Justice from Northeastern University (Boston), Khoury College of Computer Sciences.  He has previous employment experience in energy intelligence software, non-profit software services, research for a project funded by the National Science Foundation, and computer operations for a business department.  Niko provides graphic visualization and programming of project data for our HRS services and reports. His technical skills include:

Languages: Python, Java, Scala, C, C++, Lisp, Scheme, Bash, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, LaTeX, Blitz Basic
Systems: Slackware, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows
Software: Ansible, Eclipse, Excel, RStudio, Vim, VirtualBox, GitHub, UML, Android Studio, Plotly, Tableau, Power BI

By converting numeric and textual data into visual graphics, tables, figures, and charts, Niko provides practical applications to our data-driven reports to assist in our recommendations. This makes it easier for the client to recognize correlations, trends, and patterns that might go unidentified.

Job PositionData Visualization Engineer


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