Recruitment and Selection Support Services

Human Resources Services, Inc. can provide you with additional support services for your in-house recruitment and selection processes.  Attracting and retaining the right talent for local government is essential for effective service delivery.  HRS is there to offer technical assistance in the recruitment, selection and retention processes for all levels of employees.  Our objective is to assist and support the municipality with their hiring processes; to help you attract and retain qualified employees; to ensure competitive wages and internal pay equity; to ensure accurate requisite requirements; and to guide you in compliance.  Based on your specific needs, we can provide any of the services from the menu below:

  • help with EEO/AA, Diversity, Inclusion, ADA, Equal Pay and other requirements

  • advice on outreach activities (inside and outside the organization)

  • assistance in developing a recruitment strategy, hiring policy 

  • analysis of turnover, and assistance with hard to fill positions  

  • development of job description, job advertisement, position profile

  • strategizing hiring, promotional, or transfer options

  • succession planning 

  • review/ranking of resumes and applications 

  • assistance with conducting interviews; help with process, questions, exercises, and format 

  • assistance with reference checks; proper communications

  • job pricing; total compensation packages

  • onboarding orientations and other related requirements

  • setting performance standards for new employees

HRS' services are supportive in nature; we are not head hunters, but rather we assist with aspects of the hiring processes as needed. 

Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) and Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) has an established and unique strategic partnership in municipal human resource consulting to meet the growing demand for high quality, professional HR services from municipal governments throughout New England.  If you are more interested in seeking a turnkey executive search firm, we have the ability to partner with Municipal Resources, Inc. who provides this specialized service.  

Whatever your needs, we have an extensive pool of talented and experienced consultants from all industries of local government who are ready to assist you. 


Human Resources Services, Inc.

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Human Resources Services, Inc.

We provide specialized technical assistance and consultancy services to cities and towns in current, emerging and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations. As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools to help develop the personnel plans, policies, processes, management and organizational systems required.