Pay and Classification

Human Resources Services, Inc. recognizes that wages and salaries constitute the largest cost for municipal budgets. Compensation that is too high is an unnecessary expense; too little compensation leads to problems with staffing and productivity. A well-constructed, properly-administered pay and classification plan helps attract and retain competent employees. It is also a useful tool in ensuring internal and external pay equity, determining promotions, making transfers, and evaluating performance.
Reasons for a complete compensation and classification study

(Interviews are now either online/virtual or in person)

HRS’ process for developing a comprehensive pay and classification plan includes five major steps: (1) orientations and training sessions with employees, managers, and officials, (2) job analysis/job audit, (3) position classification through an objective rating and ranking process, (4) pay determination through analysis of the labor market, and (5) administration and reclassification instructions to assist in maintaining the system. HRS is widely recognized for its excellence in pay and classification consulting. This is a specialty of our firm, and we have developed and implemented hundreds of pay and classification systems. Our side-by-side approach in working with our municipal clients helps in the transition and implementation of new pay and classification systems. A final product for a comprehensive pay and classification study will address:

  • Position Analysis Questionnaires
  • Employee Interviews in Person or by Online-Video Meeting
  • Position Descriptions with Customized Sharefile Access
  • Classification Plan(s)
  • Compensation Plan(s)
  • Labor Market Survey and Analysis
  • Job Evaluation Rating System/Comparable Worth/Pay Equity
  • FLSA Status (Exempt vs. Non-Exempt)
  • Pay Equity Analysis
  • Methodology and User Guidelines
  • Implementation Costs
  • Final Report and Findings
  • Web-Based Data, Information, and Useful Tools and Resources

Additionally, HRS is available to assist with strategic compensation planning for short-term and long-term, compensation policy development, setting executive compensation, compensation determination for hard to fill positions, and special job evaluations and reclassification reviews.

We have a proven methodology.  Our Pay and Classification System:

  • Has been jointly enhanced with Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) and Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) working in a strategic partnership to improve systems, methods, and techniques.
  • Has been widely used in communities throughout New England and is legally tested and valid.
  • Allows for flexibility in design and implementation approaches.
  • Is specifically developed for local government.
  • Is nationally recognized through ICMA’s leading HR publication and guidebook, Human Resource Management in Local Government: An Essential Guide, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions.


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